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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Instagram is the largest photo sharing social network
View bigger - Instagram for Android screenshotView bigger - Instagram for Android screenshot
View bigger - Instagram for Android screenshotView bigger - Instagram for Android screenshot
And this is its official Android app. Instagram makes things easier to share your moments. Step 1, you need to sign up with a username, e-mail and password, that's all you need. Later, you'll be able to edit it, add your real name, profile picture and bio.

Step 2: follow friends. After registration it asks you to grant access to Facebook and Twitter. If you allow it, you'll see who of your friends on that social networks are already using Instagram. Just follow them. You can also search friends by username or even search by tags.

Step 3: Using the app. Instagram app has been set in a user-friendly interface. Its keystone is the 5-tabs bottom bar. First tab is "home" where you can see your posted pictures and interactions. Next is "Popular" tab. There you will find a constantly-updated 6x4 grid of most popular pictures of the moment.

Instagram for Android screenshot 
Central button is for posting pictures either taking it from your gallery or taking it from your camera. After selecting a picture you can apply up to 18 different filters, correct brightness, add/remove frame and rotate the picture. Once you've finished editing you just need to upload it and add comments and tags. You can instant share it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, as well as enable geotag.

"News" tab is the activity tab where you can see your personal activity and the activity of people you follow. Finally, last tab "Me" is your profile view: photos posted, followers and following.

Ease of use, cute layout, cool effects, high social integration and the largest photo sharing social network. What else did you expect? Well, we expected it to be bit faster loading pictures and more editing options. What's more there's a "too small picture" bug that needs to be fix. Besides that, must-have.

Recently changed in this version:

New in 3.5.3
- Important fixes for HTC One X (international version), tablets, and other devices with Tegra processors.

New in 3.5.2:
- Important fixes for Galaxy S4 and some HTC devices

New in 3.5.1:
- Important bug fixes for international users

New in 3.5.0:
- Introducing Photos of You! Add people to your photos & share who's with you
- Significantly improved quality of uploaded photos (for devices on Ice Cream Sandwich & above)
- Grid guides for the camera

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