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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Little Valkyrie l Version: 1.003 | Size: 18.44MB
Developers: Digi Sky Games | Language: English

Addictive, Innovative, and FREE Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay with lots of RPG fun! Play as a powerful Valkyrie on a quest to rid you homeland of monsters!
Little Valkyrie features:
- Super responsive Casual game play.
- Simple and engaging action!
- Super cool power-ups to help you in your quest!
- Beautiful landscapes that are full of life and excitement.
- Daily Rewards just for logging in.
- Playable offline.
- Plays well on a small screen. Looks fantastic on a tablet.
Little Valkyrie is a different take on the normal Match-3 Puzzle Games. Are you bored? Do you want to play as a powerful Valkyrie? This is the perfect cure for a case of the "I am bored." Better than searching "asdf" on Google. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!
Use a variety of power-ups to help you in your mission to conquer the lands – increase damage, create a shield, add more orbs of your choosing, and so much more in this addictive and fun adventure!
Let us take you on a fun and exhilarating journey with our Little Valkyrie in new and innovative fantasy puzzle RPG! She once was a warrior princess, but now she's a fearsome valkyrie. Being once a warrior princess, our little valkyrie knows how to control the elements and protect her kingdom. It's so fun it's catching fire!
Even though a valkyrie usually only decides the fates of soldiers in battle, this little valkyrie decided to stand up and fight. There are many spellings to valkyrie like valkyrs, valkrie, and valkarie. But no matter how you spell it, there's no denying that this little valkrie is here to kick butt.
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For our Little Valkyrie website: www.digiskygames.com

Little Valkyrie
Little Valkyrie
Little Valkyrie

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