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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Snakes like Frogs l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 5.36MB
Developers: extreality | Language: English

Warning: My game is quite a challenging puzzle game, not that kind of games where you can find a solution in five seconds and three random touches. If you like logic games, where you have to show your intelligence, ingenuity and tenacity, welcome!
Do you know that snakes like frogs very much? Help them eat all frogs on the level. But remember that these snakes are very special: they slide only along the path and eat only frogs with the same color as their own (no one knows why). So your goal is to unblock the path for hungry snake by moving and swapping others.
The solution is not easy to find, but it is much more difficult to find the perfect one. The better your solution, the more stars you earn.
If you like classic sliding block puzzle games like Rush Hour, Traffic Jam, Unblock Car, but you are bored with the monotony, then Snakes like Frogs is for you. The game has many levels of various types, divided by difficulty into three packs. Can you solve them all? Do not even think that it will be easy!
I hope you will enjoy my game!
Feel free to leave your feedback or suggestions here (or send me an email).
• Levels of various types: from classic 6x6 (as in Rush Hour and other Unblock puzzle games) to levels of free-form
• Three level packs of different difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard
• Earn one star for any solution, three stars for the great!
• Undo system: don’t be afraid to try different solutions
• No time limits (just don’t break your brain!)

Snakes like Frogs
Snakes like Frogs
Snakes like Frogs

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